The Last Game

10 12 2005

Well, is it all what I wanted or should I better deprive myself of hope, what is all, almost, I do have? The time is running more faster, and the things are moving slower than ever, or say not moving at all, this is just the hope, quite useless, what is creating a fake aura. If it still goes in this similar way, I’ll be stuck without any quotient. It must be over now, what the hell is glaring behind everything? This is more than two years and everything is still. And even, in the comparison with the time, I’m moving backwards. Another thing, why I’m not letting things be stopped? What’s next? Waiting for the saturation level(to kill me) or this is the omen hinting that the world will be conquered soon, ha! Can anyone tell me that what should I wait for? Where should I run and what should I leave behind? What will I get at the very end – is there anything, anyone or whatever?

Too much questions and no answers at all. Who cares? Did I ever? Let me run my last marathon. Either I’ll win or I’ll get tired. Getting is more crucial and I guess I’ll have either of them (win/lose) in the end.

Run… Run for all and run from all. That’s called life.



6 responses

22 08 2007

Hi Abhisez, > seeing your last comment, I was very very … estonished about all you’re treating in your life … it’s tremendous !! > do I correct understand what you’re writing in your last blog: nothing is running fast enough, time is running so fast …. you’re tired, you don’t reach the success as fast as you thought …? > I don’t want to judge what you’re doing, but honnestly dear Abhisek, with all my experinece in life, allow me to say: you want to do toooooo much in the same time > you’ll “burn” yourself and that makes me sad, because I’m convinced you’ve a lot of power and real possibilities to reach your goals > my recommandation to you is to stop some of your topics, some of your objectifs for a while .. and do less in a better way > this will help you in a considerable way …. if you would try, you would see it … Im convineced about Please don’t feel my comment as abusive at all, it’s good minding from a friend :-))) Hope to keep in touch with you! You’re a very interesting guy :-)) Cheers Pascal

22 08 2007

HI.. How are you? and I like ur space very much… HOws ur life going ? take care bye.

22 08 2007
__ Atilla or Zorro __

Hi dear friend, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you. May the new year bring to you all success you need for your ambitious goals. Cheers. Pascal

22 08 2007
__ Atilla or Zorro __

Hi Abhisek,
it is some time ago we “talk” together. You know, my last time was quiet difficult…. so I didn’t have the right motivation working at my space, tchatinh with all, writing some hello’s. But I worked hard on myself and I’m back. I’m back to see, thinhs are not going as you want …. hmmm, please remember my words > please do less, but intensively and better. This could be the key to your success.
Hope to read you soon.

22 08 2007
__ Atilla or Zorro __

Hi my friend,
I saw your visit on my space today ….. have a great time, have a great week :-)))
Personnaly, I will be “on the road” during next week, visiting Sénégal.
It’s my first travel in Africa, my daughter and myself are travelling together
and I hope we will have unforgetable adventures and remembers.
Hope to read soon your new comment … I appreciate them a lot.

2 08 2008
Sandeep Sinha

Nice one man … you write well from adoloscence … great to see … 2006 article …
keep it up man

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