Feeling Awesome

3 06 2006

Although there is no any specific and excellent reason, I’m feeling happy these days. Things seem to be awesome now. The problems and troubles are still the same, still no greatest achievements, no miracles, and even no jackpot. Actually, it’s the state of my mind that is now being managed by my heart. That’s the reason, perhaps, my basic instinct and character have started taking their growing state. When I look back, I feel that I’ve lost them somewhere in the path I’ve traversed last months… and when I saw the inkling of their apperance(may be pseudo..or foggy), I decicded to welcome them…very optimistically, heartily, and strangely too. I’m neither afraid of anything (like, future, money, life, career, etc) nor centric towards anything (love, success) now. Though this is not a complete state, rather its just a tiny part of that I have had. But, as they say, the desire is somewhat more important that getting something completely. I admit that I was loosing several things for getting my desires. It’s was not a sin, nevertheless, I realize now that it was not the absolute and correct way. Midst of sky, I watched stars and I watch holes in the corner of my house. It looked strange and scared me. I didn’t know that how to start laughing again. And then, few rays of hopes arrived and they cleared the darkness and the mist and then came something filled with energy. I can imagine about the advantages (hehe…stared looking for business, even here). It is possible that I won’t feel sadness when I become failure when the rays of hope depart or I don’t get (desires/dreams) what I’m hoping/expecting for… if the reason is not this momentum, then it must be the trials and the sadness and the struggles I’m coming through…and they are still alive…but I don’t care abt their existence at all..

“To do what you like is FREEDOM
To like what you do is HAPPINESS”