The Dawn Chorus

15 09 2007

It was yesterday,
when it all came to me.
All random, scattered,
swollen and trembling
gratitudes of mine go to thee.

Early dawn,
and some dripple dews
on yellowish maple leaves.
All afresh, but ebbing away,
and continuously playing on my heaves.

Amidst the beauty
the sleep was still on my nerves.
Two eyes were reading newspapers
and the heart
was stumbling on the curves.
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4 responses

16 09 2007

Very Beautiful and awesome indeed! Honestly, I could relate with your poem this time . Words u have chosen are amazing and very beautifully woven.

17 09 2007

hmmmm….finally you gave words to Bridging breezes….
Amazing poetry as always…very well started in Robert frost flair! And once again you have used your lexicon very well to potray the current issues as well as the feelings of a person who is concerned and upset with the wrongs happening. But, one thing I couldn’t relate to you here is “ignorance”….this is something I cannot expect out of Abhishek…just cannot do it. You are someone who takes issues upfront and believes in fighting with them…how can u ignore things….but the bottom line is that you have expressed the thoughts beautifully…great going!!


17 09 2007

A good one. Simply good one…………

18 09 2007

Thank you guys!

We are having two big curses on our society – one who kills and one who let them kill. One who is causing daily holocaust on the name of god and religion and another who just ignores it and say that this is the only blessing left for pseudo-intellect people like him/her. This is your society and country…when there is that much of violence and crime running around you head, how can you sleep in peace by saying that “ignorance is bliss”. This is what I tried to say. It was a humble sarcasm for the people who are ignoring the things ruining and degrading our country. Its your country and you can never ignore any such thing that still happens here. You have the power and potential to think and act. Stand out and speak up, atleast. Religion and spiritualism can never be placed on the top of your nation. Kuchh karz abhi bhi hain aapke maathe pe, use toh chukaana hi hoga! 🙂

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