Dream India Project


The name depicts everything and therefore, this project is all about realizing the dream of more than a billion Indians to live in the “Dream India”. Long way to go! And it can also be perceived as a utopian plan if we analyze the current situation of the country and the present status of the project. Yet, it has to be started from somewhere. Hundreds of people and groups are already putting their efforts for the same goal, but in an unorganized and decentralized manner. People are working successfully in specific areas and specific locations but their ideas are not widespread because they have not access to the people from other areas of the country where they can employ their successful ideas for a specific sector. People want to work for the making the country a better nation (as seen in the events like Jessica Lal case and others) but unable to do because they don’t have reach to the appropriate platform or idea. Few people want to be led by someone else or some idea, few want to start doing things but don’t find any appropriate ways; few can start working towards the same goal if made aware of the ways and reasons, and so on. The bottom line is to get everyone working and contributing seamlessly for a common goal. One most important thing here is that nobody can be overlooked and this dream can be realized only after the involvement of all Indians. And for this matter, Biases, personal choices and preferences, status, ego, differences, etc shouldn’t exist. The statement “unity is strength” seems very much appropriate here. But the main point is that how to get it done.

Yes, how to get it done? The one word answer could be – UNITE! So, let us unite. Let the entire nation unite, let us be driven by the actions, and let’s get it done.

Dream India Project

The project is “Dream India Project” and www.dreamindiaproject.com is the first united step of this project.

The first point is “transforming together“. Let me take “top-down approach” and elaborate it. Those who are already involved in action will accelerate and focus their actions. Those who are involved in debates and discussions will start taking part in actions or initiate actions. Those who intend to involve and discuss will start the debates and generate their action plan. Those who are capable of discussing and acting but don’t intend to do it will get motivated by the idea of this project. Those who are capable of discussing and acting but don’t think that it can be done will be made aware by the reasons and relevance. Those who are not aware of anything will be made aware. And so on..

Second point is “unity“. This word is very much important for overall change and the success of the project. Understanding of this word has the capability of solving half of the problems. Unity can be used for – communicating the ideas, discussing things and getting most optimized and effective solutions, acting together, effectiveness of the actions (even at the smallest level), transforming together, awareness, letting the system involve with the project, and many more. Let me give you an example. If I am the only one involved with the project and go to the CM of Jharkhand and try discussing something or communicating some idea, he will not give any damn to me. But, if 10000 Indians are involved with the project, he’ll listen to whatever we say. If 100000 Indians are involved with the project, he’ll supposedly work on the ideas provoked by us. If a million Indians are involved with the project, the chances are that the PM will come to us and listen. So, this was a simple example that can support the relevance of the unity. Another idea is to connect all active people and work under one umbrella, and also to connect this project with all active groups and NGOs that the successful ideas and ways can be introduced everywhere.

Third point is “awareness“. It is something like one must aware of the course of syllabus to pass any examination. One has to keep all the contents in mind, focus, think about the points and work on them, and consistently work. This point can also be covered in a top-down approach and the involved people can be categorized as such – we, active people, virtually active people, physically active people, aware people, unaware people, people from towns, people from small towns, people from rural areas, people from villages and tribal areas, people living outside of India, people from the democratic system, people creating problems, etc.

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