Hail Tata!

11 01 2008

On the day of the launch of most awaited 1-lakh car “Nano“, the people’s car, Ratan Tata speaks with Times of India:

most people are fixated on the Rs 1 lakh figure?
Tata: That’s for India.

On critics:
we are looking at congestion in the top major cities. Have we got affordable family transport in the two tier and three tier cities? Is it their lot not to have a vehicle? The huge potential lies when India gets connected in the rural areas.

On the idea to build Nano:
In this particular case, you could not help but notice there were three-four family members on a scooter with a kid standing in the front, the guy driving and his wife sitting side saddle holding a little kid. When you are driving a car, you say to yourself to be careful, you know they may slip and fall.

On loneliness:
Right now, I am in a very lonely phase. It’s attracting a lot of attention, positive and negative. Everybody is taking potshots at this. They started to leave me alone, they begged me to distance myself from the project. If things get ok, then of course everybody is your friend again. But it gets, just as you said, fairly lonely.

Source: Times of India